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Woman wakes up After 27 years in Coma


Woman wakes up After 27 years in Coma

woman wakes up from 27year Old coma in the United Arab Emirates

Munira Abdulla has been in a vegetative state since the year 1991 after she suffered a severe brain Injury in a car crash 28years ago in the city of Al Ain in attempt to protect her son with a hug in other to shelf him from the blow at the back seat as a school bus ploughed into their car

She was 32yrs old at the time of the accident

For years there were no signs of her waking up but she started to show signs of responsiveness late last year after being treated with physical therapies and drugs in Germany.

Her son, Omar Webair, told reporters that he never gave up on her because he had a feeling that she would wake up one day. He says he shares his story in other to encourage people not to lose hope on their loved ones.

Omar only suffered minor injuries.

Munira Abdulla is presently back with her family in Abu Dhabi where she continues to receive treatment.

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