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Watch Charlie Sheen reveal: ‘I am HIV Positive’


Watch Charlie Sheen reveal: ‘I am HIV Positive’

The 50-year old actor confirmed his status live on the ‘Today’ show after weeks of speculation that a prominent Hollywood actor had contracted the disease after leading a debauched, drug and sex crazed life.

A visibly nervous Sheen, spoke clearly as he informed TV interviewer, Matt Lauer that he indeed was diagnosed with HIV.

Sheen thanked the Today show for showing compassion towards him, saying: “It means a lot.”

On why he had opted to reveal his status, he said he had to put an end to the speculation that begun two weeks ago after several tabloids discovered and published that an anonymous A lister was living with the disease.

Sheen explained he was first told of his status four years ago after believing he had a brain tumour.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb.” He said he needed to come clean so he could ‘release himself from this prison.’

Sheen refused to talk about how many people he paid to keep his status under wraps. He did admit however, they were not many but he did feel he was a victim of betrayal and extortion as certain people requested millions from him to keep quiet.

He added: “That’s money you’ve taken from my kids”. Sheen added he was not sure how he had contracted the disease, adding he has a responsibility to his kids and to help alot of other people. The Anger Management lead said he had told enough people of his status.

Today show host Lauer grilled Sheen on if he had knowingly and unknowingly transmitted the virus. To this, Sheen replied: ‘Impossible.’

Dr. Robert Huizenga was brought on the show to explain Sheen did not have AIDS as reported by several publications. Instead, Huizenga stated Sheen was HIV positive and his condition had not escalated to AIDS. Sheen is on medication currently and taking four pills a day.

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