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Queen Elizabeth To Address Country On Sunday


Queen Elizabeth To Address Country On Sunday

Queen Elizabeth To Address Country On Sunday

The Queen will speak to the nation on Sunday about the coronavirus outbreak – as the number of people who died with the virus rose by 684 in 24 hours.

Buckingham Palace said the message, recorded at Windsor Castle, will be broadcast on TV and radio at 20:00 BST.

The Queen, 93, records annual Christmas messages but other addresses are rare.

The Department of Health said that as of 17:00 BST on 2 April, the number of deaths was 3,605, up from 2,921. There are 38,168 confirmed cases.

In Scotland, the number of deaths has risen by 46, while in Wales a further 24 people died. In NI, the number of people who died with coronavirus has risen by 12.

New cases have been slowing down recently: dipping slightly at the weekend and growing more slowly this week (doubling roughly every five days). Even that trend would have predicted over 5,000 new cases today, and so this looks like further evidence that the case numbers could be slowing down (as long as every patient who needs testing is getting tested).

Today’s figures on deaths follow the recent trends closely (doubling roughly every 3.5 days).

Remember that doubling every few days means that we should expect to see record new highs regularly.

It takes more than three weeks from infection to death to being reported in these figures.

So while we can hope to see the effects of pre-lockdown social distancing soon, it will take longer for the effect of the lockdown, announced on 23 March, to become apparent.

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