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‘Prayers are Useless’ – Nigerian Man says on facebook


‘Prayers are Useless’ – Nigerian Man says on facebook

‘Prayers are Useless’ – Nigerian Man says on facebook

A Nigerian man Christian Onyematu is currently trending on Facebook for all the wrong reasons after he posted his thoughts in the aftermath of the UEFA champions league final were Real Madrid emerged victorious.

He believes in the popular saying of ‘what will be will be’

Read his full post below ;

Prayers are Useless !

It doesn’t Matter if you’re fasting or Praying to Allah or whatever god to win !

It doesn’t matter if the match its been played right inside Mecca or your so called Paradise !

It doesn’t matter if you fasted before or after the match !


Wetin you no Sabi Do, You no Sabi do !

No go dey do Pass yourself !

Stop praying Useless Prayers that don’t work !

Since we started Praying for Nigeria , How Market ?

Since Mbaka and all the Pastors in Nigeria started Praying, How Market ?

Even If you like,

Pray 1 billion times every day !

What will be , will be !

When you pray, you deceive yourself!

Stop Believing in Useless stuffs !

Stop Believing that Liverpool with their useless midfield and funny defence can beat Madrid in a Champions league finals !

Stop Being Foolish !

Use your brains for once !

Stop your useless Prayers !

They don’t fucking Work !

If Prayers worked ,

ISRAEL AND ARABIAN countries will be lifting the world cup every 4 years !

Stop Praying Black People !

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