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Petition Against Tinubu Laughable, Hollow – BTSO

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Petition Against Tinubu Laughable, Hollow – BTSO

Petition Against Tinubu Laughable, Hollow – BTSO

The petition against former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu by Coalition against corruption and Impunity (CACI) has been described as laughable and hollow.

National Coordinator, Bola Tinubu Support Organization (BTSO), Comrade Abubakar Abdullahi accused the petitioner, (CACI) of trying to smear the personality of the enigma Jagaban with a view to bringing him down the ladder on his unannounced interest for the presidency come 2023.

According to him, what was contained in the petition sent to EFCC by the group was negligible compared to a television campaign against Tinubu in 2015, so the pro-democracy group does not need soothsayer to tell them they are losing the battle.

He said “the petition was not only laughable but hollow in substance as it were just academic exercise in futility by the good for nothing pro-democracy group who has no development checklist in the Country.

“The contents of the petition was over time alleged by some individuals and groups but they later end up apologizing to the achiever over their misconduct and attempted defamation of character and political blackmail.

“In the execution of a hacket job by the CACI pro-democracy group they failed to realize the role of Tinubu in nation building via Lagos State and human development.

“Power is given by almighty Allah, He gives to whom He so pleases. Tinubu, by all standards is a Nigerian with all privileges and rights to vote and be voted for as entrenched in our Constitution and the only legitimate way to stop him is through the ballot.

“If Tinubu  is so corrupt previous administration will not spare time to allow him be a free man knowing full well his political capacity and acceptability.”

He listed the achievements of Tinubu to include “Increased IGR for Lagos State, Incorporations of non-Yoruba tribes in Lagos governance, the only stable Political leader that chose the part of Progressive since his political careers besides President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The only leader that have never decamped from one party to the other but in alliance with like minds for better Nigeria.

“His investment in human development has no rival, the only politician that built bridges and handshakes across the geographical zones.

“The politician that invest his wealth in Nigeria to reduce Poverty in the land, the only politician that sacrifices his ambition for the progress the nation etc.”

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