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Pastor curses members, asks for N100m from them


Pastor curses members, asks for N100m from them

Pastor curses members, asks for N100m from them

The video of a Nigerian pastor placing curses on his church members and intimidating them into donating huge sums and possessions to the church has emerged, on social media.

In the video, the pastor is seen speaking to a poor woman whose child has a health issue – he tells the woman he wants her to present the documents to a piece of land and not just in any area like Sango but he wants about 100 acres of land to build an estate in Magodo.

The desperate woman is seen promising to present the land document if he helps her but he hesitated. He said he only worked that way in the past and doesn’t work in that manner anymore.

The woman then promised to bring the land documents the following Sunday.

He added that he can’t waste his anointing on anyone telling the congregation that he didn’t force them to come and he isn’t begging for money from anyone but once their prayers are answered, there is no looking back.

A Facebook user, Topaz Aya Omoniyi who shared the video, captioned it,

End Time Church

Pastor cursing members, asking for 100 million, asking for land document from a poor lady, even wishing people death.

For once, I now believe in hypnosis. This is not normal

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