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Nestle Nigeria Clean Up the Oceanside on World Oceans Day

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Nestle Nigeria Clean Up the Oceanside on World Oceans Day

Nestle Nigeria Clean Up the Oceanside on World Oceans Day

The 8th of June is a remarkable day in every year. Every year on that day, the world looks to promote awareness about the importance of the ocean and how we can protect it from going to waste. It is recognized worldwide as “World Oceans Day”, and it was marked with an interesting event by Nestle Nigeria team over the past weekend.

The event was centered around cleaning up the ocean, so it took place at the Redline Leisure and Resort’s beach in the Okun Ajah Community, Lagos. It saw an incredible turnout, massive enough for the people present to be split into four groups. Everyone got garbage disposal bags and got to work picking up the waste and plastic at the beach front.

The groups spiced things up a bit by competing to see who could pick up the heaviest amount of waste throughout the cleanup process. At the end of the day, @recyclepoints (Nestle’s recycle partner on the day) weighed the waste that had been picked up and found that the teams had managed to get rid of 1494.4 kilograms of waste. That ridiculously high number shows how events such as this one can help people be more aware of how they can contribute to making the environment less polluted.

Nestle Waters is well-known for their efforts at trying to keep plastic waste away from the waterways. They reduced the amount of plastic used in packaging their water, and they are actively involved in sensitizing the community about proper ways to recycle plastic. This exercise was a key part of that sensitization process. Why litter when you can recycle, right?

At the end of the program, all pre-registered volunteer staff got certificates. The company revealed that they have many more community development initiatives in the works.

If you’d like to see more highlights from the event, or you want to be a part of the next event, follow our social media platforms to stay up to date on all Nestle Waters activities.

by Linda Ikeji

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