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Kenyatta sworn in as Kenya’s president after months of crisis


Kenyatta sworn in as Kenya’s president after months of crisis

Kenyatta sworn in as Kenya’s president after months of crisis

Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for his second term as Kenya’s president on Tuesday, after elections boycotted by the opposition.

Large crowds gathered at Nairobi’s Kasarani stadium to watch the ceremony also attended by several African heads of state.

Police used teargas to disperse a crowd trying to force their way into the venue, local media reported.

A political crisis erupted in Kenya after the Supreme Court threw out the results of an August election – won by Kenyatta – due to irregularities.

A re-run election was held on October 26, but was boycotted by main opposition leader Raila Odinga who called it a “sham.”

Turnout was low and there were running battles between police and protesters. Kenyatta ultimately won in a 98-per-cent landslide that his opponents described as illegitimate.

At least 12 people were killed in clashes over a three-day period during the vote.

Earlier this month, another three people were killed and scores wounded when police fired live ammunition into crowds of opposition supporters who rallied in the capital, Nairobi, to welcome Odinga back to the country after an overseas trip.

The opposition NASA coalition were on Tuesday planning to hold a “memorial” service for alleged victims of police brutality, in conjunction with the inauguration.

But they said in a statement that the roads out of several Nairobi slums where they have a large support base had been blocked by water cannon and armoured vehicles.

“Government lorries pouring rubbish at the Jacaranda Grounds where NASA is to hold its memorial service. All entryways into the Grounds sealed by water cannon trucks. Policemen beating our youth who have started heading to the grounds,” NASA said.

The opposition also said several of it’s lawmakers were “missing” and another was under “house arrest.”

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