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How to survive an asthma attack

How to survive an asthma attack

To be severely breathless can not only increase the panic quotient of the sufferer but can also instill fear in him for the rest of his life. This terror only worsens if you are not well equipped to handle an asthmatic attack.

There are two case scenarios which can occur: Either you have an inhaler and can control your attack with its help and with no one around. Or, you do not have your inhaler and feel helpless even with 10 people around. Below given is a simple guide on how to handle both situations and not let anxiety get to you.

Please talk to a physician before you follow either of the steps given below.

What to do if you do NOT have an inhaler

  1. Sit upright.
  2. Take long and deep breaths to avoid hyperventilation.
  3. Do not panic, this will only worsen your situation and further tighten your chest muscles.
  4. Get away from any kind of smoke, dust or inhaling any type of chemical.
  5. Drink a hot caffeinated drink as this will help open up the airways.
  6. If there is no relief to breathlessness and coughing, call emergency.
 What to do if you have an inhaler
  1. Sit upright.
  2. Take puffs from your inhaler.
  3. Wait for 4 minutes to recover. If there’s no recovery, take another puff.
  4. If the breathlessness persists, call emergency.



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