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How to succeed in business, by women group’s convener

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How to succeed in business, by women group’s convener

How to succeed in business, by women group’s convener

Thriving Business Women Fellowship (TBWF) Convener Pastor Mayokun Oreofe has urged entrepreneurs to be determined and deliberate, if they want to succeed in their ventures.

She spoke at the opening session of the 11th Edition of TBWF Business Summit, with the theme: “Exploits”, in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

Mrs. Oreofe said: “You have to be intentional and deliberate; else you will get nowhere. You must also seek knowledge because knowledge is key; it makes you confident and enables you to understand where you are heading to.”

She urged them to have a vision and document it.

“To build your vision, you must be patient. Being in a hurry is the reason for the depression and suicide we see today. It is because people want to be like someone else that they are not. They want to attain certain positions with speed. No home is built in a day; be yourself, calm down, build your business step by step, live your life by what God is telling you and take actions. Life is an individual race; don’t be like somebody else,” she said.

According to her, the summit is geared towards infusing positive energy and inspiration into the hearts of entrepreneurs, through the uninhibited sharing of “grass to grace” journey of successful entrepreneurs.

The summit, she added, was designed to afford up-and-coming/upwardly mobile entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of those who have made the mark, yet still prospecting for greater heights in their fields of endeavour.

“The summit will last for one month and various successful women entrepreneurs will speak to inspire other women. In Lagos, the summit is every Tuesday in June; in Abeokuta, every Wednesday in June, while in Ibadan and Abuja every Thursday in June.

“Our intention is to take participants through navigations of life to achieve their visions. Information and knowledge will be gained to enable them to be determined to advance, be successful and open to opportunities ahead of them,” Mrs. Oreofe said.

Managing Director, Bubez Foods Ijeoma Ndukwe, in her contribution, said success in business is to be defined by oneself.

Ndukwe said: “Don’t use what you see others achieve to determine business success because those people are only showing you what they want you to see. Know why you have chosen to run your business, let your motive and intention be right, and do the right thing.

“What you have in your hand is your sale value; there is no problem to fail, but you must learn from the failure. Start your business small and grow it – don’t use all your life investment on your business at once.

“Don’t ever give up, there is beauty in growth. There is no problem with thinking of giving up, but do not. It is not the products that make the business, it is the passion and system you put into it that grows the business and distinguishes you. “

by Olatunde Odebiyi

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