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Hoteliers, residents cry out over noise pollution from night clubs in FCT


Hoteliers, residents cry out over noise pollution from night clubs in FCT

Hoteliers, residents cry out over noise pollution from night clubs in FCT

Some hoteliers and residents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have raised concerns over the noise pollution from night clubs.

They have called on the Abuja Environmental and Protection Board (AEPB) to wake up to their responsibility of controlling noise pollution in the territory.

According to newsmen, residents have urged AEPB to  live up to their responsibilities and address the situation.

Chief Tomi Akingbogun, the managing Director of Hotel Rosebud said that the uncontrollable noise from some of these night clubs in Garki, Area 11 was negatively affecting the hospitality business.

Akingbogun said that during the previous FCT administration, noise pollution was checkmated adding that the relevant laws were relatively applied.

“But it seems like most of the achievements of the past have been thrown into the dustbin.

“A situation where your neighbour makes so much noise to a point where your own business is losing should not be allowed.

“When those operating these clubs play their music so loud from 9pm to 4am daily, you can imagine what the guests and residents are passing through every night.

“Several complaints have been made to AEPB, but the leadership of the board are not just interested,’’ Akingbogun alleged.

Akingbogun said the job and responsibility of AEPB is to protect and make sure we do not abuse the environment; part of the abuse of the environment is noise pollution.

He maintained that places that generate much noise should be in an enclosure that the decibel or amount of noise from the premises should not affect their neighbour.

“But when a club have ten or more giant speakers within a plot of land, that is negative tourism; it is terrible and should not be encourage.

“All these things have health implications because people are losing their ability to ear due to the loud voice.

Similarly, Dr Samuel Momoh, the Chairman of Crystal Palace Hotel alleged that noise pollution had continued to damage hospitality sector in the FCT without being checkmated.

“When I started this business in the year 2000, a lot of expatriates use to come and lodge in the hotel, then years later, these clubs started operating.

“The noise in form of loud music goes on the whole night and many of the guests who checked into the hotel had no option but to check out.

“There is nothing wrong in some people having fun, but it should be in close doors that would not disturb other people who are having their rest after the day’s work,’’ Momoh.

“The loud noise is from Mondays to Sundays with live band from 8pm to 4am. When life band stopped, they play music from Compact Disc Player. Even when it is raining, they use canopy.

According to him, the noise pollution also comes with very uncomplimentary social life “at times you find the females going naked and a different kind of orgy is going on. It is very disgraceful.’’

“Many a times we have reported to the authorities, they promised to regulate them, which they actually did, but days later the clubs revert to status quo.

“Relevant authorities should go round at night, regulate and sanction the culprits of noise pollution,’’ Momoh said.

Mrs Regina Audu, a resident of Gimbiya Court Estate, Abuja said she has been having sleepless night as the result of noise from a nearby night club.

According to Audu some of the clubs have life band in an open space and the music go far distance at night making it difficult for residents to sleep.

“After you close from work and suppose to rest at night, then the night clubs start blaring loud music until early hours of the morning.

“I am not against their business, but it should be done in an enclosed building with noise proof facilities.

“It is not proper for another person’s business to be causing sleepless nights for others, Audu said.

Mr Silas, Idoko, a business man who reside at the CBN Quarters in Area 11 said noise pollution has become unbearable in the FCT especially at night.

He said that the noise was not limited to clubs adding that churches and mosques also contribute to the noise pollution in the city.

“There should be regulation to checkmate noise in this mega city: It is being done abroad and can be done here too.

“Clubs, churches and mosque should be noise-proof just like it is being done abroad,’’ he said.

Meanwhwile, Mr King Faj, the coordinator of the life band and club at the Grand Mirage Club and Hotel said the noise level at the club was minimal.

At the Ibiza Night Club, Garki Area 11, a staff who spoke to NAN under the condition of anonymity said the club has been in existence for over ten years.

“ We have a life band and also an indoor club house, but there has never been a complaint about our activities.

“We are doing our business legitimately. If hoteliers have complaints, they can talk to us but since they have not, it means it is not affecting their operation,’’ the source said.

Similarly, a staff at `The Echo Night Club’, who identified himself as Peter, said the club operates in a commercial area.

“This is a commercial neighbourhood, so I do not think what we are doing is wrong.

“All of us in this neighbourhood are doing business; if we are violating any law, the authorities are there to do their work,’’ he said.

However, the Acting Head of Monitoring and Enforcement of AEPB, Mrs Rebecca Mamvem confirmed that the board has been receiving complaints of noise pollution from residents.She said the board has also been acting on such complaints.

“We recently confiscated the facilities at the night club called, `The Lounge’ in Kubwa, due to series of complaints on noise pollution.

“However, we have acceptable limit of noise in the FCT. It is 45 decibel at night and 65 decibel during the day for residential areas.

“But for commercial areas it is 70 decibel during the day because of sound of generator and others from plazas, Banks and other organisations. And during the night we allow 50 decibel.

“Also, if you have a lounge in a residential area, it has to be sound proof to avoid disturbing the neighbours,’’ Mamvem said.

She said a lot of people were not aware of the consequences of noise pollution adding that it could stress out an individual and cause hearing problems.

Mamvem maintained that the AEPB is working but that they could not be everywhere at the same time.

“We advise all those that have complaints about noise pollution in the FCT to officially write to us or come to the office to lodge complaints and we will act on it.

“We do deploy our noise meters to monitor level of noise at different clubs in the FCT and take appropriate actions,’’ Mamvem said.




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