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Facebook rolls out ‘Watch party’ feature for everyone worldwide


Facebook rolls out ‘Watch party’ feature for everyone worldwide

Facebook rolls out ‘Watch party’ feature for everyone worldwide

Facebook has reportedly rolled out a ‘Watch Party’ feature for everyone worldwide.

It appears the tech giant is trying to lure back those who switched over to Instagram with this new cool feature and it just might work.

It was gathered that the feature is designed to let people in Facebook groups watch live or recorded videos together while posting comments in real time.

Anyone in a group can start a Watch Party and select co-hosts, who control the playlist and playback.

In addition to that, everyone can suggest videos, and a Facebook notification tells them a party is about to start.

Facebook started testing Watch Party in January but the feature rolled out worldwide on Wednesday 25th July.

During testing, Facebook found some groups hosting parties that ran more than 10 hours.

Last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the platform has always been about personal connections and interactions in meaningful ways.

With these new feature you can not only share vacation pictures but also your Live vacation videos.

However, Facebook has a team of employees who review content and monitor live broadcasts once they reach a certain level of popularity.

If a live streamed video violates its standards, the company will interrupt the broadcast.

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