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China And The Vicious Propaganda Against Her

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China And The Vicious Propaganda Against Her

China And The Vicious Propaganda Against Her

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic called COVID-19 or Coronavirus, everyone has been reduced to equal universal template. At this point, all rights and privileges have been collapsed in adherence to one invisible plague. All private jets grounded, board meetings suspended, entertainment hubs shut down – even crime has reduced no thanks to the scary virus!

Now, this is the lesson to all those who fight for God. With just a virus, he has reduced the earth to one submissive jittery bunch. All universal manmade laws have collapsed and the quest to be who and what halted. So if God wants to shape or destroy those who oppose him, he needs not the feeble muscles of mortal; he is all-sufficient. God be praised.

If this ravaging virus does not teach the world a lasting lesson, then we are truly doomed as pieces of obstinate creatures. While the animals are roaming freely today, human beings are in cages in fear of the unseen plague
Indeed, God is the omnipotent and the supreme king!. Again, God be praised!

In all of these, even as the virus gallivants around the globe, infecting many and killing a lot, do you know what? China is unrivalled and unperturbed. As we speak, it is developing 6G at a time some parts of the world are still enmeshed in debating the ethicality or otherwise of 5G facilitated by the same Chinese technology: Huwaei! What the world should do, is to enter into parley with China to reduce her supersonic journey of conquering the world with ideas. Indeed, ideas rule the world. The man who holds an idea is light years ahead of the one who has none. He is several years ahead of others when he also executes his ideas with clinical precision. Give it to China.

There is no way you invest in ideas and you won’t rule the world. In the last 30 years, China hasn’t fought any significant war save for proxy fights in areas where it tries to exert territorial influence. It has continued to invest in ideas and ideas. Compare China to the US which has spent over $16 trillion dollars fighting Sadam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Mammar Gaddafi and the rest.

Virtually everything the world uses is produced by China. In fact, even our anointing oil comes from China- even though they don’t invoke holy spirits and litter their land with mosques. Even the Muslim chaplet is produced by China and you say you can win against a nation that feeds the world with ideas and mass products accessible to even the wretched of the earth in far-flung corners of the war?.

It is difficult to win this war of attrition against the Chinese; no amount of sponsored propaganda will weaken their greatness. Even the weapons used in spewing lies against them are produced by them. In Nigeria, we have seen prominent pastors dancing to the paid tunes of those opposed to China’s control of the world. The irony of this reality is that the same pastors are using the technologies enabled by China! What about their enablers on the social media? Majority of them use phones -infinix and Techno – all manufactured by China! Who wages a war against a man who feeds him? It’s not a winnable war. The world needs China, China needs the world. The only way out is symbiotic collaboration among all stakeholders.

From experts’ point of view, COVID -19 has no link with any radiation technology; we are faced with the wrath of nature and like other plagues before now, humanity shall overcome it. In 1918, churches, mosques, schools and markets were shut down in Nigeria because of a flu that came from Europe through a ship, and then, there was no zero G. Sometimes, we must learn to keep our opinion to ourselves especially when they are deficient in professional expertise. Those lending their voices to the trade war between China and America are helping to fight an unsolicited war.

Whatever it’s, after COVID-19 must have been defeated, there will definitely be a new world order. A new world leader will emerge, almost naturally. Already, there is a tectonic shift towards that direction. No amount of vicious propaganda will stop this neither will a physical war be fought to enthrone and install the new leader. There is a reason a general who leads his people to war and wins is venerated by the people.

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